In the Christian Religion, our faith and belief in the All Mighty God is what gets us through our daily lives. We pray to our God about everything, we lean on his everlasting arms and worship his holy name. He even gave us tools to stay close to him, for example our Bibles, and daily devotionals, worship music and so on. So, I have taken it upon myself to gather some of these tools, and place them here, for you, in one convenient spot. In hopes of helping bring you closer to God. Enjoy…




Faithbox: When you sign up for a monthly subscription to Faithbox you can receive a special box, once a month, with awesome faith enriching content inside. 

Inside your box you will receive a daily devotional, faith inspired content and products that the good folks over at Faithbox hand-picked just for you. 

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American Bible Society: Is your bible old and worn? Does somebody you know need a bible? Well check out American Bible Society. They have tons of bibles. Unlimited options in designs and versions. You can even get your bible personalized. Great gift idea too!

Get your personalized bible.


The Jerusalem Export House: Hand-made gifts straight from the Holy Land. Give a gift made from beautiful olive wood, made right there in Bethlehem. Beautiful hand carved crosses, crucifixes, rosaries, and even a crown of thorns. It doesn’t stop there either! So give them a peekeven if you are just browsing they’re beautiful to look at.

 Give a gift from the Holy Land 

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Abiding in God by repentance: Taste Heaven: Learn how to repent, train your heart to willfully trade the earthly things you depend on for Gods presence. You will find principles effective in combatting unwanted behaviors and idolatry of the heart. You can finally find the freedom you’ve been searching for, freedom from addiction, unwanted behavior, and so much more.

Abiding in God by repentance: Start training your heart today!



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