Survival End of Days

Survival The End Of Days is fast becoming a hot topic with all that is going on in the world today.  Nathan has some ideals for you to listen to and some dark stories of the future.  The views he has come up with might make sense to you.  Listen to what he has to say and learn what you can do.



Nathan Shepard, a Bible scholar with a history in theology and archaeology. Spending more than 17 years studying ancient scriptures, and his theory is chilling. Linking present events to bible prophecy with a clear understanding, he for tells a very dark future for the world. Now with his theory, he has become a survival expert, training and preparing others for the ultimate upcoming disaster and helping them to survive the end days.


   Survive the End Days


Are you gonna be able to defend your family when disaster strikes? Are you gonna be able and ready to protect your children? Do you know what your up against? Get ready because this is gonna blow you socks off! Learn how to protect your family. Learn how to keep your children safe. See what your up against. If there is hope for surviving those dark dreadful days, then this is it! Get the info you need before it’s too late.