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Competition BBQ Secrets 300º

              Hot And Fast

The ultimate instruction manual with fine detail on how to smoke championship BBQ, whether it be chicken, ribs, butts or brisket. Included in this manual is Bill Anderson’s (head pit master on the Chatham Artillery BBQ team) My Competition Sauce recipe at no extra cost. Most teams don’t ever share these kind of BBQ secrets, Get them and so much more here.

Learn to slow smoke on anything whether it be a professional smoker or your old grill, Bill Anderson has got you covered. Check it out!!!

Competition BBQ Secrets 300º Hot and fast


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Vosges Haut-Chocolat 

Love chocolate? How about fine chocolates? Vosges Haut-Chocolat offers the finest exotic chocolates you will ever put in your mouth. Chocolates inspired from all over the world. Great gift ideas too. Learn more here.



   Successful Wine Making   Craft Superb Wines At Home

Ever thought of making your own wine, from the comfort of your home? With Successful Wine Making you can do just that. Learn the modern method of making wine from home.

Make classic wines, like red wine, white wine, and rose. Wines you can be proud of. Start making your own wines today!

Successful Wine Making, Craft Superb Wines At Home

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